Metal Oxide Varistors

A range of voltage dependent metal oxide varistors designed to protect equipment against transient voltage spikes. The varistors are connected directly across the power supply rails. When a when a voltage spike is encountered, the varistor rapidly changes impedance from its normal high impedance state while in standby mode, to a very low level, permitting absorbtion of the unwanted high voltage, and protecting voltage sensitive components and circuits from damage. Epoxy coated disc construction with radial leads. UL & CSA approved.
RoHS compliant
| Response time: | <50ns |
| Voltage coefficient/temperature: ±0.05%/°C |
| DC leakage current: | 200uA max. |
| Insulation voltage: | <330V nom. varistor voltage – 1000Vrms |
| | >330V nom. varistor voltage – 1500Vrms |
| Storage temp. range: | -40°C to +85°C |
| Operating temp. range: | -40°C to +125°C |

Varisistormetaloxide 11VAC 07D 2.5A
Stock Code:  MOV36V2.5A Price: €0.35


Varisistormetaloxide 140VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV360V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 140VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV360V50A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 14VAC 07D 2.5A
Stock Code:  MOV43V2.5A Price: €0.35


Varisistormetaloxide 14VAC 10D 5A
Stock Code:  MOV43V5A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 150VAC 10D 25A
Stock Code:  MOV395V25A Price: €0.42


Varisistormetaloxide 175VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV455V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 20VAC 10D 5A
Stock Code:  MOV65V5A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 230VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV595V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 230VAC 10D 25A
Stock Code:  MOV595V25A Price: €0.42


Varisistormetaloxide 230VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV595V50A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 250VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV650V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 250VAC 20D 100A
Stock Code:  MOV650V100A Price: €1.00


Varisistormetaloxide 275VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV710V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 275VAC 10D 25A
Stock Code:  MOV710V25A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 275VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV710V50A Price: €0.42


Varisistormetaloxide 275VAC 20D 100A
Stock Code:  MOV710V100A Price: €1.00


Varisistormetaloxide 300VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV775V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 300VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV775V50A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 30VAC 07D 2.5A
Stock Code:  MOV93V2.5A Price: €0.35


Varisistormetaloxide 35VAC 07D 2.5A
Stock Code:  MOV110V2.5A Price: €0.35


Varisistormetaloxide 420VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV1120V50A Price: €0.80


Varisistormetaloxide 460VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV1240V50A Price: €0.80


Varisistormetaloxide 485VAC 20D 100A
Stock Code:  MOV1290V100A Price: €1.70


Varisistormetaloxide 50VAC 07D 10A
Stock Code:  MOV135V10A Price: €0.28


Varisistormetaloxide 50VAC 14D 50A
Stock Code:  MOV135V50A Price: €0.49


Varisistormetaloxide 95VAC 10D 25A
Stock Code:  MOV250V25A Price: €0.62