SLA Batteries - Yuasa

Maintenance-free 6V & 12V lead-acid rechargeable batteries in a range of capacities. Special construction prevents any leakage of electrolyte from case or terminals. High energy density with long, reliable service life (standby use: 4/5 years. Cyclic use: 180/1200 cycles).
Connection is via tab terminals (sizes up to 12.0Ah) or bolt terminals (NP17-12, 24-12 & 38-12).
Charging method: Constant voltage charge at 20ºC Standby use charging voltage 2.25 to 2.30V per cell (no charging current limit required). Cyclic use charging voltage 2.40 to 2.50V per cell (maximum charging current 25% of rated capacity).
RoHS exempt.
* Maintenance-free
* Excellent discharge recovery.
* No electrolyte leakage
* Overcharge vent protection
* Useable in any position
* Multipurpose: Float or cyclic use

Batteryyuasa 12V 0.8Ah (97x48x57.5)
Stock Code:  NP0.812 Price: €18.90


Batteryyuasa 12V 1.2Ah (151x21x89)
Stock Code:  NP1.212 Price: €12.80


Batteryyuasa 12V 12.0Ah (151x98x97.5)
Stock Code:  NP1212 Price: €42.40


Batteryyuasa 12V 17.0Ah (181x76x167)
Stock Code:  NP1712 Price: €53.90


Batteryyuasa 12V 2.0Ah (171x21x89)
Stock Code:  NP212 Price: €24.60


Batteryyuasa 12V 2.1Ah (178x34x67)
Stock Code:  NP2.112 Price: €15.00


Batteryyuasa 12V 2.8Ah (134x67x67)
Stock Code:  NP2.812 Price: €17.10


Batteryyuasa 12V 24.0Ah (166x175x125)
Stock Code:  NP2412 Price: €69.40


Batteryyuasa 12V 3.2Ah (134x67x67)
Stock Code:  NP3.212 Price: €18.90


Batteryyuasa 12V 38.0Ah (197x165x170)
Stock Code:  NP3812 Price: €99.50


Batteryyuasa 12V 4.0Ah (90x70x106)
Stock Code:  NP412 Price: €20.30


Batteryyuasa 12V 7.0Ah (151x65x103)
Stock Code:  NP7-12 Price: €21.20


Batteryyuasa 6V 1.2Ah (97x25x57.5)
Stock Code:  NP1.2-6 Price: €8.70


Batteryyuasa 6V 10.0Ah (151x50x101)
Stock Code:  NP10-6 Price: €17.00


Batteryyuasa 6V 12.0Ah (96x25x61.5)
Stock Code:  NP126 Price: €18.60


Batteryyuasa 6V 2.8Ah (134x34x67)
Stock Code:  NP2.8-6 Price: €11.40


Batteryyuasa 6V 4.0Ah (70x47x109)
Stock Code:  NP4-6 Price: €11.42


Batteryyuasa 6V 7.0Ah (151x34x101)
Stock Code:  NP76 Price: €21.80