Microswitches (Standard)

High quality V3 size SPDT microswitches, with coil spring mechanism, silver contacts, and silver plated brass terminals.
RoHS compliant

Rating: 10A 250VAC resistive
Dielectric strength: 1000VAC
Mechanical life: 500,000 operations minimum
Terminal style: Solder/Faston: 6.35W x 10L x 0.8 mm
Operating Release Pre-travel Overtravel Movement Actuator
Force Force (max) (min) differential length
Button 285 g 40 g 1.2 mm 1.2 mm 0.2 mm
Lever 130 g 25 g 3.0 mm 2.2 mm 0.5 mm 35.6 mm
Long Lever 75 g 10 g 5.5 mm 4.2 mm 0.9 mm 59.5 mm
Roller Lever 140 g 20 g 3.0 mm 2.1mm 0.45mm

Switchmicro Button Type Standard Microswitch
Stock Code:  MSwitchS1 Price: €1.61


Switchmicro Lever Type Standard Microswitch
Stock Code:  MSwitchS2 Price: €1.75


Switchmicro Long Lever Standard Microswitch
Stock Code:  MSwitchS3 Price: €1.75


Switchmicro Paddle Lever Microswitch
Stock Code:  PaddleLeverMS Price: €1.72


Switchmicro Roller Lever standard Microswitch
Stock Code:  MSwitchS4 Price: €2.00