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Yenka Technology (teacher)

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Yenka modelling tools and content
These Yenka products cover design and technology, and systems and control. If you’re using more than one of them, they work seamlessly together – sharing one user interface; if you use all of them, they will cover the topics found in Crocodile Technology fully.

Yenka Electronics
Yenka Electronics lets you design and simulate circuits using over 150 types of component, testing and refining your design as you work.

Yenka PCBs
Yenka PCBs is an add-on for Yenka Electronics. It takes the 2D circuits you simulate, and converts them automatically into three-dimensional PCB simulations, which can be exported for manufacture.

Yenka PICs
Yenka PICs lets you write routines using simple flowcharts, and test them on-screen, before using them to program real PIC or PICAXE chips.

Yenka Gears
Yenka Gears lets you experiment with a range of mechanical components, in full 3D.

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