Useful Links

Link Details Good site for finding data sheets on Ics, transistors, etc Analog Devices - analog IC's Electronic Parts, repairs Provides circuits, pinouts, cable and adapter descriptions plus other technical information. PICs National Semionductor - ICs Texas Instruments - ICs Electronics Design, PCB Stuffing, Electronics Consultancy Cork Internet eXchange Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing Precision Engineering, Toolmaking, Mechanical Component Manufacturing All you need to know about staying healthy Cork Electronics Industry Association Restriction on use of hazardous substances - RoHS Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Engineering Technology Teachers Association Irish Science Teachers' Association CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements free online encyclopedia Stanley Tool Use Tips DOCTRONICS - educational publishing for Design & Technology - a guide for robot builders - electronic kits, art clocks, ham radio, cool gadgets Adafruit Industries - interesting kits Open Circuits - a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge The Datasheet Archive - 100 million component datasheets online! Electronics Lab - extensive site with useful circuits, downloads, articles Elektor Electronics - leading hobbyist magazine Everyday Practical Electronics - another popular hobbyist magazine MAKE magazine - magazine dedicated to building things Madlab - descriptions of over 40 kits A step-by-step guide to soldering & troubleshooting madlab kits A simple introduction to electronic components Child Road Safety resource for use with primary school pupils How to solder - short video showing what to do & what not to do

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