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Yenka Technology (teacher)


Yenka modelling tools and content

These Yenka products cover design and technology, and systems and control. If you’re using more than one of them, they work seamlessly together – sharing one user interface; if you use all of them, they will cover the topics found in Crocodile Technology fully.


€282.90 inc. VAT

0.5M CAT5E Patch Cord Red


See the structured Data Cabling category for our wide range of patch cables and networking products. Patch cables available in different colours and lengths.


€1.48 inc. VAT

12V 8A Switch Mode PSU


Switch Mode Power Supply
Output 12V 8.33ADC (adjustable)


€18.45 inc. VAT

Tone Generator


The Tone Generator and Tone Probe are invaluable for finding and identifying network and telephone cables


€37.64 inc. VAT

LANTest Pro


Verifies network cables are connected properly. Identifies missing and reversed connections.


€191.07 inc. VAT

3 Pole Cable Plug


We have a wide range of connectors and leads, including ‘D’ type, Phono, BNC, crimp terminals, etc. See Connectors category


€3.39 inc. VAT

1M CAT5E Patch Cord Yellow



€1.72 inc. VAT

3-6V High Torque DC Motor


Ideal for home and school projects.


€1.08 inc. VAT